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Stemmers vs. Lemmatizers

Stackoverflow is full of questions about why stemmers and lemmatizers don’t work as expected. The root cause of the confusion is that their role is often misunderstood. Here’s a comparison: Both stemmers and lemmatizers try to bring inflected words to the same form Stemmers use an algorithmic approach of removing prefixes and suffixes. The result […]


Recipe: Text classification using NLTK and scikit-learn

Text classification is most probably, the most encountered Natural Language Processing task. It can be described as assigning texts to an appropriate bucket. A sports article should go in SPORT_NEWS, and a medical prescription should go in MEDICAL_PRESCRIPTIONS. To train a text classifier, we need some annotated data. This training data can be obtained through […]

Building a simple inverted index using NLTK

In this example I want to show how to use some of the tools packed in NLTK to build something pretty awesome. Inverted indexes are a very powerful tool and is one of the building blocks of modern day search engines. While building the inverted index, you’ll learn to: 1. Use a stemmer from NLTK […]